Sweet Summer!

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t proud that the boy wanted to give gifts to his classmates to celebrate the end of their kindergarten year.

I’d be an even bigger liar if I said I wasn’t proud that he came up with his own tag for his treats–and it was perfect! He told me he wanted to give everyone M&Ms. When I suggested I could make the word summer out of the logo, he immediately said, “We could put, ‘Have a sweet summer!'”

Why, yes. Yes we could. I am just eating it up. A boy after my own heart.

However, in case that’s not the way your heart beats, I’m linking the printable for you here. Just print it, let them sign, and attach to the candy! (We printed on Avery 8376 business cards so we didn’t have to cut. Affiliate link.)

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