On Purpose

(I received products prior to making this post; all thoughts and opinions are my own.)

One of my favorite things since starting Purpose Box is discovering new for-purpose companies. Global Purpose is just that. Kaylynn and Jon Jordan started Global Purpose to help companies and artisans operate more sustainably and humanely–what’s not to love about that?

global-purpose-noondayI love that each piece is well-made and unique. I can load it up as the perfect compliment to my Noonday goodies or add the sari scarf to add a pop of color to any ol’ boring outfit! (I’d be on the lookout for it at A&M games this fall–did you see that color?) Most of all, I love that it empowers others and allows them a lifestyle that they would otherwise not be afforded.

global-purpose-bag global-purpose-bracelet

Another perk? It’s available in the HEB Blooms department, which means I don’t have to order or wait for an online shipment to arrive.

This Purpose Box journey has been one I wasn’t looking for or expecting, but it has led me to so many neat people and organizations. Truly, I have changed the way I purchase, gift, and spend money through this calling I have been given.

Find more about Global Purpose on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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