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If you’ve been following along on social media, you know we set out to finish up the camper project this summer. Primarily, we use our camper as a bedroom during football season since our group has outgrown the house we stay in for game weekends. However, last summer, Mr. Gray decided we should spruce up the exterior. (If I were good at re-doing and remodeling things, this is where a before photo would be.)

Vintage Camper RedoThe mint exterior really spruced it up, and all of a sudden, I was bummed we didn’t get to do anything with the canopy or do dream about new interior.

time lapse | time lapse | football season | time lapse

When we brought the camper home after last football season, we had plans to rip out the kitchen for more space, paint a little, and work on the canopy.

(Insert before photo here. You can do it. Dated camper interior. Burgundy. Dark green. Patterns. Laminate. Fake metal. Fake wood.)

Mr. Gray got to work on removing the kitchen while I started thinking of affordable ways to give the rest a facelift. Spray paint. That’s the answer. The affordable way to do anything is to spray paint it. For about $4.00 a can, you can work on the canopy, the cushions, and any other dated upholstered surfaces that can be physically removed. I bought a twin sheet set for $8.00 and made valances out of that. It was the perfect width for all the windows, and I just cut them all to match, hemmed the tops for the rod, and the bottoms to finish the edge.

Vintage Camper Redo RemodelWe had a space where the vent was removed that Mr. Gray secured from outside the camper, but it needed something for the inside. The boy and I created a cute wall hanging with a $3.00 canvas from Hobby Lobby and paint and stickers we already had.

Interior Camper Redo  RV Remodel on a BudgetI painted the refrigerator with chalk paint, not because I love it, but because we were out of black oil-based paint, and I knew that would be an easy fix for a focal point. We already had the paint on hand, which was an added bonus!

Vintage Camper Remodel on a BudgetPlus, now for football season, we can #BTHOeveryone and change it weekly!

The original divider curtain was a very heavy green lined number, so I switched it for a shower curtain in the new color scheme. The ribbon tie-back replaced the original cumbersome get up that was there, and now it’s cute and easier to use.

Old Camper Remodel on a Tight BudgetThe cushions are simply spray painted black. A word of excitement: the pattern will show throw adding a great look. It gives the cushion some dimension, despite the quick fix. It changes the texture of the fabric a little, but nothing outrageous. Had I had the time, I would have rubbed them with a wire brush or sanded them lightly. When you head to work as the sun is going down the night before you set out on an adventure, though, you do what you can and worry about the rest later!

Yeah, that's our backyard. Isn't it great?
Yeah, that’s our backyard. Isn’t it great?

I had one last idea that I wanted to finish late last night after being inspired by some metallic spray paint I found in the storage shed.

Camper Remodel DIY I channeled my inner throw pillows, and went to town. (Really, these are my throw pillows; inside my house.)

Spray Painting a Camper Canopy DIY

I taped off some abstract triangles, went to spraying, and waited for the reveal this morning.

DIY Camper Spray Paint Canopy

Be on the lookout for the full exterior shot on social media once we set up camp! I love the way it all turned out!

Vintage Camper DIY Remodel Redo Paint Camper Cushions Canopy
Uh, apparently my panoramic shot was a little shaky.



  1. Love it, Jo! So glad white kitchens are back. I was updated over night by doing nothing! The trailer is “hip” again. When I bought my little house in Waco, I bought comforters for the beds and used the matching sheets to make curtains. I used Stich Wichery for edge seams and weights in the hems. They were the first high thread count and would cut the bobbin thread.

  2. This is beautiful! You did an amazing job! I never knew you could spray paint fabric cushions. Love the color scheme! Enjoy, enjoy!

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