On Gifts: End of School, Or Otherwise

I saw a Facebook post this week from a mom who was so disgusted that a parent of another child sent an end of the year treat to school. Whether it was typical “mom” ranting on Facebook or this mom genuinely felt it was in poor taste to send a “treat for everything,” I’ll never know, but what I do know is this: I’m that mom.

Giving gifts is one of my gifts. I’m all about being punny. I enjoy making cute printables and curling ribbons. I love creating. My son enjoys taking treats to his friends and being generous. It’s a win-win for our family.

Do I expect that everyone should do that? No. Not at all. Do I think you’re less of a mom than I am because you don’t? Nope. Not even a touch. I enjoy it. It’s worth the investment of my time. Maybe it’s not your jam. That’s totally okay.

I, however, had a blast working on these little goodies for my son’s school friends.

For less than $5.00, I had treats for the whole class. A pack of water, a box of single-serve Kool Aid packets, double-sided tape, and some curling ribbon was all it took!

End of School Treats

You can print the tags here (they’re set up for printing on business cards to save you the cutting; I just happened to be completely out of them when I got home, though).

So whether you’re the treat mom, the anti-treat mom, or somewhere in between, use your gifts. And know that there’s no right way to do this parenting gig. We’re all just doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

Previous end of year ideas:

  • Water balloons
  • Beach balls (This was hilarious because another mom and I did the exact same thing–and neither of us found the idea on Pinterest!)


  1. Jolie, that’s so sweet and fun to do. I agree with you, it’s not everyone’s jam but, I love doing those special somethings with my girls. I particularly enjoy getting the teachers gifts. They work so hard to especially when the kids are little. Having been a preschool teacher myself those little tokens of thought matter so much to the kids as they do the teachers. Keep being awesome! 😎

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