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I was driving home this morning, speaking to a friend on the phone. She brought up her “journey” through faith, and we started in on a tailspin of a talk about my faith, about what I believe Christianity should look like, and how I want to be seen as such.

She asked my stance on a few key issues, and as I responded, I finally said, “You know, it’s not really that I’m necessarily against anything; I’m against sin, but that doesn’t define people. It’s what I’m for. I want my ‘for’ list to be what I’m about.

I want my 'for' list to be what I'm about. Click To Tweet

I’m for:

  • teaching my son to have a heart for those in need–here and abroad
  • loving people no matter what they’re going through
  • treating people as Jesus would (which, by the way, is highly related to the point right above this)
  • grace–lots of it (and I’m so grateful to be on the receiving end)
  • living in such a way that I would be proud to see my son doing the same

As we continued, she said, “I love that we might be on the opposite sides of a picket line at a protest–or more importantly that you probably just wouldn’t show up to a protest at all.”

I don't believe the way to show people my Jesus is to condemn them. Click To Tweet

Y’all, it’s not that I’m not passionate. I’m passionate about a lot of things. But I don’t believe the way to show people my Jesus is to condemn them. That’s not how He went about things. He ate with them; washed their feet; served them. He taught them and told them stories. He genuinely cared about them. We know that sin brings struggle and strain; it’s bondage (John 8:34). Whether people believe or not, that is still truth. The last thing someone who is struggling or hurting needs is for me to come along and kick them while they’re down. I would much rather come along, pray beside them, help them up, and cook them lunch.

I’d rather spend my time, my money, my energy supporting things I’m for than going on and on about things I’m against.



  1. *living in such a way that I would be proud to see my son doing the same

    I believe that you will get to do this. I sure that you do it anyway but since he has had diabetes, you are showing him the love of Christ in a manner that you could not before. He is having love, grace, compassion, empathy and so much more modeled for him. God brings suffering into our lives for His glory and our good.

  2. You are an awesome woman of God! Please continue to spread and share the love! This is the first post I’ve read by you and I pray that I will continue to be encouraged in posts to follow! God bless you, your family and your journey of faith! 😇

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