Say Something

One thing I generally have no trouble with is speaking my mind. When something is wrong, I say it’s wrong. When something is good, I say it’s good. When something needs prayer, I pray; I ask friends to pray.

Occasionally, there are people and circumstances that for some reason stifle my ability to speak out. I don’t say I love you when I do. I don’t say I’m worried when I am. I don’t say I forgive you when I already have. I hold it in. I hang onto it. So far, I haven’t had it be too late. I haven’t missed my chance. I always muster up the courage to get it out in the open, regardless of the risk. But what if I do? What if miss my chance to say something?

My reading today said, “Lord, help me to not put off to tomorrow what I know I need to do today.” Today, I need to say something. I need to speak out. I need to say I love you; I forgive you; I understand. I need to say I’m sorry. I need to say I didn’t mean for it to happen like this. I need to say something.


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