Reflect: Settle

Since I started sharing goals, aspirations, words for the year, I have also pretty much always come back with a recap at the end of each year. This year, my word was settle. My goal was to find a groove here in our new town (which is actually our hometown for those just tuning in), find a community to belong to, find a church to worship and pour into. Settle.


The more I have looked back on this year, the more I’ve seen that it hasn’t mattered what I have tried to settle. What has mattered is what I have handed over for God to settle in me. One of my biggest desires was to have a group of ladies here in town that I could fellowship with during the week, have common interests with, let the kids play while we talked, etc. While I don’t think I even specifically addressed that in my word post, it was a true cry of my heart. And God answered in a big way. I am now part of two different groups of women that have allowed me to settle into place in this community while making new friends (or getting to know them better if we were already acquaintances).

We settled into a church for a bit, but it was much closer to the camphouse and not a long-term fit. We were clear with the pastors from the beginning about how it might all fit together, but mostly it was a good place of rest and respite for us in this season. We have gone back to Rev a few times since, but we know it is not a long-term solution, either. I do believe that God has big plans for us in this arena–it’s coming.

Our new home was finished, furnished, and moved into. Settle. We did. We have hosted and enjoyed this home so much in just the short time we have been here. It was all worth it in the long run.

Our biggest settlement came with our new big change this year–the boy’s Type One Diabetes diagnosis. It is still new in many ways, but we are getting acclimated. Our parents are on-board and so supportive. I truly don’t know what we would do without their help. Even with such upsetting news as it initially was, I believe we are settled into it and ready to advocate, fundraise, fight, and pray until there is a cure.

Overall, I’m good with the outcome. Settle.

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