It’s Tuesday again, which means I manage to show up.

1. The boy is at Lego camp this week. It’s a good time for me to read, write, go to Target, have a moment. It’s glorious. The only downside? He wants to wear the same shirt every day, so I have to do laundry every night. Ha!

Lego Camp

2. Yesterday was the first birthday of Purpose Box! I can hardly believe it’s been a year–it seems like we’re just getting started!

Purpose Box Birthday

3. My mom used Uber before I did. I can’t decide if that makes me lame or just makes me have a cool mom.

4. Summer makes me want to travel–like every day. To anywhere. And I really want to go back to Block Island and ride a scooter. My super-pregnant self wasn’t allowed.

Block Island

5. Speaking of scooters, a guy at the coffee shop has been riding his mom’s scooter to work, and it’s the cutest pink-and-cream metallic thing! I want one!

6. Sunday we celebrated a friend’s birthday at a small waterpark a few towns over. It was the perfect size for the boy and his friends. He has asked a thousand times when we can go back. Looks like we should’ve bought season passes instead of a ticket for the day!


7. We went to see Minions Friday evening; it was the first time we did an opening day theater experience with Baby Gray, and he did great. He prefers it when he can be up and dancing to all the songs, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. (Also, cute movie. We’d recommend it.)

8. The internet guys came out to install our service at the new house last week, and they thought they were only going to be able to get me the slowest speed. I was pretty bummed, but that’s country life, I guess. He came back a while later and said he had been able to connect to a faster, closer tower. I was so relieved. Isn’t that terrible? It’s internet. I don’t even mind that we have this towering antenna at the house. 

Red Door

9. We had a mutton bustin’ rematch Saturday evening. He was so proud of himself for going much farther this time. (Video here.) I had to laugh at how little he was the first time he rode (he wasn’t even three). What were we thinking? He seemed so big back then!

Mutton Bustin


10. I’m going to start a question and answer series on the blog. If you have a question, leave it in the comments, email it to me, or comment on the thread on Facebook.

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