Forsaking All Responsibilities

You know how sometimes it just seems best to forsake all responsibility, drop everything, and just be? That was the case Saturday. We had quite a lot on tap at the new house, evening plans, and no end of anything in sight. For weeks, Mr. Gray and I have been saying we needed a proper date night, one that didn’t involve spending an hour or more at the new house planning and preparing before grabbing a quick dinner and heading home.

So we did what anyone would do; we signed the boy up for parents night out, rested, relaxed, and then headed out with plans for a kid-free evening.

Or so we thought. As we pulled into town to drop the boy off, I got a call that parents night out had been canceled. What a sad kid! He loves going to parents night out, and he was quite disappointed that he didn’t get to. (We were disappointed we didn’t get date night, too.)

Time for Plan B. We headed to the movies as a family, walked up to get our tickets, and it was sold out. Our sweet boy cried on the way out of the theater. More disappointment. We headed to a toy store he asks to go in reguarly. We’ve only been once, but he always remembers and always asks. He perked up a little.

We headed to supper with his new mini figs in tow. He picked out his supper and played while we chatted. When he ordered, the waitress told us they didn’t have pizza that evening. He chose something else and ate some of our appetizers. She came back a few minutes later to let us know they didn’t have that, either. He pouted a bit and said he’d just have dessert. (Maybe he’s mine.) Poor kid couldn’t catch a break.

When it came time for dessert, he loaded his yogurt up with tons of flavors and all the toppings he could think of. We joked that he was the date night crasher, but he was still a little too upset about not getting to go to parents night out–he didn’t think it wasn’t funny yet.

Crash the Date Night

We might not have gotten our date in, but it was some great quality family time.

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