Transition Times

I keep sitting down to write and coming away with nothing. I miss this space. I miss consistency. I miss having a place to put something when I come home with groceries, fold laundry, or want to create. When we started this transition period (the time in the camp house), I promised myself I would not get impatient, put pressure on making the move to the new house, or otherwise get irritated with this season.

Building the Gray House

I have done amazingly well with this. Until this morning. This morning I was so done with the fact that I couldn’t find anything I needed to leave the house in the rain. I was so over the fact that I didn’t want to unpack from the past two weekends because I don’t have a “real” place to put anything. I was just over it. I scrunched up my face, started to get frustrated, and remembered my promise to myself. As excited as I am to get to the new house, I want to treasure this time.

Things are simple. Life is good. It’s not all related to the size or location of our home, but some of it is. I don’t have the space to be up and reading or working out before Baby Gray, so many mornings, he climbs in bed with me when he gets up. We linger far too long and enjoy talking, imagining, or playing hide and seek. I don’t have to wash dishes because we eat on paper plates. This season will come to an end soon, and the routine I crave will creep in in a new way. There will be places for everything, and I’ll spend my time getting everything in its place. I might even cook again–with real dishes, real cookware, and real forks!

Our new home is coming together. It will be so much fun transforming into everything we have been dreaming and scheming about in the past few years. The boy is excited about filling his room with Legos. (Me? Not so much.) I’m ready to have a place for my bike to live that isn’t the back of my car. I think everyone is ready for Purpose Box to be housed–and packed–in the guest room/office instead of the living room.

All of these things so trivial when they’re spelled out this way. I know there is so much that could be worse. I am so grateful for this place we have been able to call home for the last 14 months. I don’t want to wish our days away waiting on the new house. I want to live life just as we are able from where we are now.

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