Friday Five: Vacation Edition

We’re on a little getaway for the weekend. We kicked it off in Oklahoma for a work meeting Mr. Gray had going on. You can follow us around on Facebook or Instagram, if you’re so inclined. (Also, I post lots more on Snapchat these days, if you’re into that: the_graymatters.)

1. I won $20 on a penny slot this morning. No, that wasn’t my net, but it’s better than nothing!

2. Purpose Box is almost to 900 followers on Instagram (which is almost 1000 followers–eek!). Please hop over and give us a follow.

3. I ate a “muffin” for breakfast that was easily a cupcake. Is frosting the only difference?

It’s Friday, y’all! Which, of course, means #fridayintroductions with @lindsay_hellohue and @moriahsunde!  We’re off…
Posted by The Gray Matters on Friday, June 5, 2015

4. Yesterday, the boy went to a friend’s house before heading to Nonna’s for the weekend. He was offered a popsicle, and he told her, “No, thank you, I’ve had enough sweets this week.” HAHA! Whose kid is this?

5. I love little trips away with Mr. Gray. Even when we’re doing nothing, we’re having fun.

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