Gimme That Girl

I was inspired by my friend at Autism in Our House when she wrote I wish I was the kind of girl who… yesterday. 


And that’s just it! I wish I was the kind of girl who:

+ could create the smoky eye look without looking like I got punched. When other people do it for me, it looks great. However, I should not be left to my own devices on such matters.

+ didn’t get motion sickness. I love planes, trains, and automobiles! I love to go. I don’t want to be sick en route, though.

+ enjoyed fruit. Seriously. Who doesn’t like fruit? This girl. Why, oh why? Texture issues. Ick!

+ could go a whole day without looking at the new house. Those poor workers probably get tired of seeing me drive up every few hours.

+ could braid my hair. I’d love to be able to braid my own hair in any capacity, but it would really be fun to be able to do cool braids.

+ was less cautious and a little more try-it-on-a-whim. I want to be spontaneous. I want to climb to the top of the rope swing and jump into the river. I want to climb big slides. I want to set that example for my son, who is now quite cautious himself.

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