Sometimes we just pick up and go on a little adventure. It’s good for us to get away, be together, and do something new. (Or, in the case of Amy’s Ice Creams, do something we love. More on that later.)

Saturday, we did just that. It had been an incredibly long week–and it was time for an adventure. We jumped in the truck with pretty much zero plans. We decided along the way that we’d go check out the Austin Aquarium.

It was an aquarium as aquariums go.

We fed stingrays. We read names of fish. We looked for hiding life in the aquariums and terrariums. We had fun. We traumatized our child. What? Yeah. 


As we were walking through the aquarium, the boy is a little leery of touching the stingrays, so we are all patient, he builds up the courage to feed and touch them. He’s much more confident when we get to an aquarium he can walk under and sit in a little space with fish swimming all around him. Then we see a hurricane simulator. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would you take a four year-old in a hurricane simulator?”

Why not?

“Stand in there,” we said. He walked in. I walked in. Mr. Gray inserted my last two dollars.

The wind started to blow. Mr. Gray took his cap off. I clutched my purse and looked down to keep my hair from hitting me in the face. The boy didn’t like it. Not one bit. He whined a little. I died laughing. The wind stopped. I was still laughing. He stormed out in front of us both.

Hurricane Simulator

“Why’d we go in there?” he demanded. Why not? 

I’m pretty sure my hair is still matted together in places. I’m not sure what’s going to happen when the wind blows again in real life.

He wasn’t too upset for ice cream, though. (Is there such a thing? Especially for Amy’s.) He even waited in line on his own and ordered all by himself. I love how independent he is. He loves to order and ask for things without help.

Ice Cream

Makes us proud!

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