First Sundays were hard because they were long, satan fought from the moment my feet hit the floor, I was on my feet more than any other day, and all the other things that came with being plugged into a church. It was exhausting, wonderful, and so worth it. It was time spent making an eternal difference. It was time spent on life change. 


Now Sundays are hard because we aren’t plugged in anywhere. It’s a longing to be somewhere we can’t–or somewhere that doesn’t exist. It’s spending the morning wondering what we’re missing because we don’t feel like we belong at any of the churches we have visited. Maybe that home feeling isn’t what we were called here to find. Maybe it’s a get-out-of-your-comfort-zone situation. Maybe it’s just time to rest. Maybe I’m not leaning in hard enough. Maybe I’m not seeing the obvious. Maybe Sundays are just hard. 


  1. I like your perspective that maybe we're not always supposed to find a "fit" but, possibly, spend time getting out of our comfort zones. Maybe that's when we'll learn the really important lessons? – Colleen, San Antonio Mom Blogs

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