Tuesday Ten-sel

1. This weekend, we had Tinsley Christmas. Aunt Carrie had her props for a fun photo shoot, so we have some great memories on camera.

Baby Santa

2. Also at Tinsley Christmas? Halloween masks! YES! So funny!


3. Hashtags work. Yesterday, I videoed some Sea World workers dancing during the Sesame Street show and posted it on Instagram; someone checked the hashtag, saw them, tagged them, and it’s just so much more fun now!

A video posted by Mrs. Gray (@the_graymatters) on

4. After the lines died down, we headed to Snow World at Sea World. Baby Gray loved every minute of it! It makes me so very excited about our trip to the snow in January!

Snow World

5. We made this caramel bark last week. It was amazing. Next time, I will break the pretzels up first. I will make another batch–soon.

6. Baby Gray told us Sunday that Jesus came to take the “badness” away. I love that simple understanding. So precious.


7. I have had so many chances to talk and share about adoption lately. I am so grateful for this wait God has given us to prepare our hearts and our home for a child. We don’t know what it will look like or how it will shake out at this point, but there is so much power in divine appointments throughout the wait.

8. I did not love The Devil Wears Prada. So, of course, I started reading the sequel as soon as I found out it existed (yeah, I’m a weirdo).  I like it. I hope it continues on this course. I wish I read more. I’m doing better. The Paris Wife was my favorite book of 2014. What was yours?

9. We made some forward steps with the new house last week. Maybe I’ll have some progress to share soon. 

{Dear self, insert “before” photo you haven’t taken yet here.}

10. I’ve got my word for 2015. I can’t wait to share. Do you have your goals, dreams, or word nailed down yet?

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