Battle of the Santas

We’re off to see Santa today. I had to decide if I wanted to go with our original Santa or the “new” Santa who was so wonderful on our off year last year. I think we’re going forward with the new Santa. I don’t know why things like that are so important to me. Who even gives a second thougth to which Santa it is?


(It’s a never-before seen on the blog tiny Baby Gray exclusive! I blogged about Santa not being at Bass Pro Shop, but I never came back to show the super cute photo we did get! Side note: I love those early posts.)


Santa 2012


Sometimes I wonder how my brain gets caught up in such things. Not just with Santa, but with so many minor details. In a year, will it matter? That’s how I try to frame up my mind battles, but it doesn’t always work. It’s not even necessarily that it’s worry. I don’t consider myself a worrier. It’s more of picky, OCD-type situation–neurosis is the word I used last year. I’m working on it, though–and of course, our kiddo is cute with any Santa!

Which Santa do you like better? 

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  1. Awe, both Santas are great! I love that you did this every year. I wish we had done the crying pic with A instead of just blowing it off. Hope Baby Gray has a good visit this year!

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