Marriage Matters: Life Happens

Marriage Matters- Life Happens

Today was one of those days–I had all sorts of plans, then life happened.

It’s a good reminder that if we let life happen and aren’t intentional in our marriage, the good stuff can get away from us. Even on days when things aren’t going the way I planned, I check in with Mr. Gray to say hi and I love you at least a couple times. We haven’t even seen each other since before daylight this morning (and we probably won’t until after dark this evening), but we have had little check-in moments.

It’s sort of like when you’re playing in the waves at the beach and you start to drift. Every now and then you have to look up to see where your stuff is on the shore–to get a handle on where you’ve gone before you’ve moved too far in the current. That’s how we handle even our busiest days–little check-ins to say hello and let the other know we’re thinking of them.

On a grander scheme, that’s where date nights, quick trips (even a just night away), and vacations come into play. These are your check in points. They’re the point where you stop and become intentional about checking the priority of your marriage. Schedule these. Put them on your calendar–as far in advance as you have to to make sure they happen. Make them non-negotiable. This is one of the most valuable things you can do for your marriage. Spend time alone together. Double dates are fun, but they don’t take the place of date night. Family dates? Same thing!


Not sure how to pull it off on the cheap? Trade off with another family. Watch their kids one week and they’ll watch yours the next. Then your kiddos will begin to look forward to date night as well. (Locals, we’re still looking to get back into this rotation after the move; we’d love to trade kids with you!)

I’m writing Marriage Matters as part of the #write31days challenge. Are you in? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to check your posts out!

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