Transition Times

I used the word unsettled a while back to describe this state I feel like we’re in right now. Since we’re back in a routine this fall, I feel less unsettled and more “in transition.” I mean, we have our routine: school, soccer, football, tutoring, and the like. I don’t feel like we are just floundering trying to figure out how to live here anymore. We’re getting in a groove, but we can’t get in too far, because just as soon as we do, we’ll move again.

Transition Times

This time in transition has made me highly aware that knowing something in your brain and living it practically are two very different things. Even though we’ll be living in the same town when we move, we’ll be in a completely different area. Things that are easily accessible from this side of town will be inconvenient once we get the house built.

And, even though I feel less unsettled, I just can’t get it all together. Things I’m usually on top of are sneaking up on me. I can’t find things I need in storage. I feel like I can’t get into a good work flow. I sometimes feel like I live out of my car. It’s not about our small space, our location, or our proximity to things. It’s about me–my head, my heart. I can’t get it out of transition mode just yet.

I am grateful for this time–time as a family in our little house on the hill; time to prepare for our new home and the Kingdom work God has for us in it. I’m grateful for the friends we’re making and the life we’re building in our hometown. I love being close to family. I’m using this time to let God work and prepare my heart for what is to come.

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