1. New Kyle Field. First game. Four days. Who’s ready? (Hint: this girl.)

2.  I definitely received an ice bucket challenge last week and promptly forgot about it. I call it a win-win. I donated, and I didn’t have to take an ice bath. (Just an FYI, I donated here due to embryonic stem cell research used by the ALS website.)

3. Year two of Happy House starts tomorrow. This boy of ours is ready, Freddie!

First Day

Look at last year’s first day photo! He looks so different, but so much the same.

4. I have been quite the slacker in the kitchen since we moved to the house on the hill. I need to unpack some more pots and pans or something (maybe I’ll start with finding them).
5. Soccer practice starts today. I can’t wait to see how this pans out. A bunch of itty-bitties running around kicking soccer balls. It has to be funny.

6. I am so grateful we live near our families and that they are so involved. It makes life so much sweeter!

7. Sometimes I do laundry in shifts, which makes for quite a while before I hit the bottom of the hamper. I almost always find something I forgot I had when I do that. It feels like a free shopping trip!

8. I’m so glad I’m decisive. This house-building stuff would be such a disaster if I weren’t. (Fun fact about my decisive-ness: I bought my wedding dress online, sight unseen. It was just what I wanted.)

Jolie 274A

9. I miss having fresh flowers at home. Our grocery store doesn’t have them. Last week, we found some flowers in one of the tiny stores nearby. They were pretty, so I grabbed some to take home. Later, I noticed their sticker: mini-carnations. Who would have thought?

10. Best quotes of the long weekend:
“Cowboys don’t pee their pants.”
“Y’all don’t go to the Catholic church, do you?”

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