1. I had every intention of posting a first day of school interview with Baby Gray this week. I’m not sure how that got away from me. I’ll aim for a second day of school interview next week.

2. Soccer practice with a bunch of 4-6 year olds is funny. Really funny. I can’t wait to see what a game looks like.


Also, I’m not sure Coach (ie, Mr. Gray is impressed with our practice punctuality. What can I say? Naptime trumps soccer practice in Mom’s book.) 

3. Yesterday, I was on MOMquery talking about our experience with baby sign language. I found this video the other day from when Baby Gray was learning the sign for “help.” So cute! Did you sign with your kids?

4. I was working on my calendar for the month and getting a bit into October Wednesday night, and I’m excited just looking at it. We have so much fun stuff coming up; I can’t wait!

5. Playdates with Baby Gray’s friends are fun. Playdates with my friends are more fun. I am so grateful for good friends–near and far!

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