Happy Kids, Happy Car

Lily Jade sent me a Baby Bag to review; all opinions are my own. I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t love it! 

I like to think of my son as well-traveled. He might not have his own passport or be going global or anything, but he has certainly spent a lot of time in a car. We are always on the go, and l feel a little like a backseat expert. My car-game just got a whole lot better, though. I started seeing designer diaper bags from Lily Jade come across my social media feeds. (I know what you’re thinking: your son isn’t in diapers, why would you want a diaper bag now? Hear me out.)

That’s when I saw it, the Baby Bag. Y’all, it’s the perfect organizer for our family’s lifestyle! It moves easily from my car to Mr. Gray’s truck, it holds everything from apples to iPads, Legos, a few pair of shades, a water bottle, and everything in between. Its pockets are large enough that the boy can get everything in and out on his own. I dare say it’s perfect!

Happy Kids, Happy Car

Want to up your car-game? Here are a few tips:

1. Be prepared. Gather what you need before your kiddo gets in the car; this leaves less time for them to suggest and add on extra items that just lead to clutter.

Inside Lily Jade

2. Pack a variety of items. Children’s attention spans are pretty short; to ensure you don’t run out of activities before you arrive, provide a few options. Books, Color Wonder markers and paper, small electronics (with headphones), small toys like cars, Legos, or planes (I don’t speak girl very fluently), and small puzzles all work well.

Multiple Activities Lily Jade

3. Bring snacks. Choose a variety of healthy snacks that will keep in the car (think hot or cold) and aren’t messy. We like raisins, freeze dried fruit, or yogurt bites.

 Lily Jade Apples

4. Bring water. You can never have enough water. We usually bring a bottle for each of us so we don’t have to make as many “I’m thirsty” stops. (I’m usually the one who wants to stop for something.) If you’re going on a long car trip, you might limit intake a little to lower potty stops, but for general errands, I don’t usually put a limit on how much my son can drink.

 Lily Jade Water

5. Organize it! This is where the Lily Jade Baby Bag is a game-changer. All of the stuff I’ve listed fits (for reference, I got the large). I’ve tried baskets, bags, and the like. None of them have fit all that we’ve packed and kept it in place. The Baby Bag does! The most important part here, though, is to have your child put everything back where it belongs each time they get out of the car. This keeps the bag organized and clutter out of your seats and floor boards. It takes a few times to get them in the habit, but it’s so worth it.

Lily Jade Organize

I’m so glad I found the Baby Bag! I’ve got my eye on the Anna, too! (All of their new bags are fabulous!) They all come with a Baby Bag inside–so you can keep your bag organized without having the “mom bag” going on! I can’t wait to get one of those on my shoulder. 

Lily Jade Approved

Lily Jade’s Baby Bag is Baby Gray approved!


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