Wordless Wednesday: Subsidy Shades Edition

It’s Wordless Wednesday around here–well my words, anyway. I found Subsidy Shades through #fridayintroductions, and I love their story! It’s right up my alley–adoption, purchase with purpose, and sunglasses! I’ll turn it over to Melissa now!

Hi! We are Melissa, Robert and Jacquie. We are a young family of three, having adopted Jacqueline through infant domestic adoption.

Subsidy Shades1

Adoption has certainly blessed our lives! In 2012 we started the process and in 2013 our tiny bundle of joy arrived weighing in at just 5 pounds! Our adoption costs have been tremendous. Jacquie’s sweet birthmother is a single mother to four children and had major health complications during her pregnancy. Being the adoptive parents we were responsible for all of her costs during that time. Her adoption cost us nearly $60,000.

Subsidy Shades

Last summer Jacquie’s birth family became homeless on the hard streets of Detroit. With the help of family and friends we were able to fly them in to our home, to live with us while we raised funds to purchase them a residence. We were able to get the family a forever home but were unable to reach our fundraising goal. Happy to help, we were put in another tight financial situation.

Subsidy Shades2

Today, Jacqueline is a thriving one year old. We are starting the adoption journey again! (Are we crazy or what?!) Robert and I are so excited to expand our family through another infant domestic adoption and give Jacqueline a brother or sister of the same race. In order for us to do this, we need your help. We have created Subsidy Shades to help our family (and families like us) who need financial assistance in the adoption process. All proceeds of Subsidy Shades go directly to a fund to help expand our growing family.

Subsidy Shades3

We love our family, friends and kind strangers so much! Rock those shades and spread the word! Much love!

– The Mugar’s

I hope you love their story as much as I do! Find them around the web:


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