Ten Again

1. I’m almost thirty years old, and when I get home from the beach, my mom still asks me if I got sunburned.  What she means to ask is if I put on sunscreen. The answer is yes.

Beach Fun

2. I’m almost thirty years old. Wow. I’ve completed my non-30 Before 30 goal, so now all that’s left is to sit back and see what Mr. Gray decides to do to celebrate me come November! (I’m kidding. Mostly.)

3. It’s almost time for the most wonderful time of the year–not Christmas, football! I will remember to go to Chalk Talk this year. Really, I will.

4. Hopefully we get to be done with the sling Thursday. We go back for our follow up appointment and x-rays. Baby Gray is using his arm at pretty much 100%, so I’m praying it’s completely healed and we get an all-clear.

5. I tried my hand at homemade pickles for the first time yesterday. I hope they’re delicious! (I’ll share the recipe if they are.)


6. We had a lengthy discussion at our girls’ dinner last night about which side the washing machine goes on and which side the dryer goes on. It’s the ultimate example of #firstworldproblems.

7. Every summer I want to dye part of my hair pink. Every summer others do it before I do. I don’t like to be a follower, so I just never do it. Maybe next summer I’ll be on the ball.

8. I could eat a sandwich every day. I just love them. (Speaking of sandwiches, did you see this tweet? So funny–and true!)

9. Apparently T Swift is bringing Keds back. I’m not sure how I feel about this (remind me I said that when I trade in my TOMS For Keds).

10. I keep feeling like I’m on the verge of starting something. I have no idea what it is, though. It’s the strangest thing. I guess I’ll know when I know. (Then I’ll tell you guys.)


  1. I'm with you on the kids thing, I'm not sure I want wear them again. But I do own multiple pairs of other type of canvas shoes so I guess it's a substitute for me, lol.

    And the pickles look cool!

  2. I always have wanted to dye my hair a weird color. But I work at a theme park and never could. One year, we both will!
    Hope you find out what you're gonna get started on!!!

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