Pink Hair, Don’t Care

1. I lost my largest skillet at some point in the move. It’s just gone. Lost forever (or something like that). I don’t even know what to think. Who loses a skillet?

2. I left our house on my bike yesterday evening headed to meet the boys at the park. Luckily they took a little loop to look at steers on their way. This enabled them to pick me up when I started dying because I forgot it was completely uphill! Yikes! (Yes, I just admitted I’m a quitter on the ol’ World Wide Web.)

3. I did it. I finally did it! That colored hair I talked about? It’s on my head.

Pink Hair

4. We have sure missed our regular date nights around here–the boy included! He misses his scheduled “date nights” with his friends, too. Luckily, we get two this week! Hopefully when we get in a good groove we will find a family to trade with again.

5. My car is so ridiculously dirty. When one lives down a gravel road and has a black vehicle, I’m not sure there’s any way to win.

6. We managed to pack our only three trips for the summer into three consecutive weekends. I can finally unpack our bags for good instead of having them half-packed waiting for clean laundry. (Until football season, of course.)

7.  If Instagram would kindly offer a way to toggle between accounts, those of us who use it for business and personal purposes would be ever so grateful. #socialmediamanagerproblems

8. Water and I go way back. I don’t really care for water. Never have. I try to drink water at restaurants. Sometimes it’s just so terrible. Like last night, I got some water with my meal, and it tasted like metal. Straight metal. Ugh. How do people like that stuff so much? Bleh.

9. I got a fabulous little box of happy mail filled with pretty, pretty papers yesterday. Be checking your mailboxes because I’m going on a mailing spree!

10. Speaking of happy mail, I’ve got a little secret. I don’t do well with secrets. Well, my secrets–especially if I’m excited about something. I’m great at keeping them for other people. I’ll pretend like this one is someone else’s for now. Be on the lookout for something awesome!


  1. I managed to lose a pitcher in our last move. No idea how that happened either. I'm hoping it's hiding in one of the few boxes that remain unpacked in the garage but I don't have high hopes.

  2. Concerning the water, you have to go with bottled, never from the tap. Eventually you will find a favorite. Here's a great benefit I learned: if you aren't feeling well, have a headache or any other malady, drink a bottle of water. Nine times out of ten it will cure what's wrong, even a bad mood. And finally, it's an acquired taste, but soooo good.

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