Fancy Fallacy

A while back, I threw out two truths and a lie. It was fun. Let’s do it again. See if you can pick out the fallacy!

1. When I started this running journey, my goal was a 5K. This weekend, I’ll do my second triathlon. I’ve also done a couple more 5Ks, a duathlon and five half marathons. Looking back at my high school cross country career, I can’t believe it.


2. One time I ordered something online and forgot about it. When a handwritten envelope showed up in the mailbox, I surveyed it carefully for explosives and anthrax before opening it. It was a shirt.

Hapy Mail

3. I got the Chicken Pox when I was in first grade. My parents both worked, so they traded the days they stayed with me until I could go back to school. On the first day with my dad, I spent the time learning how to ride the four wheeler. And you wondered why my Renegade Racer was so brave.


Well, which is it? Shout out your guess in the comments or on Facebook, and the truth will be revealed Monday.


  1. This is so funny. We used to do these as ice breakers when I used to work at a company.. I will say #2 but then again.. I could see myself doing that.. so I will say #1… I think you have accomplished stuff w running but maybe you are exaggerating.

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