Plug In & Pour In

Some days going is really easy. The days that we close on our house or feel at home in the little house on the hill. Those are easy. Yes, let’s go.


Other days, going is hard. It’s crying and asking to go back. It’s being farther from friends than we were before (albeit closer to others) and wishing for a shorter drive. It’s being unpacked and settled in but not plugged in–to anything, really. Some days I wonder if it would have been easier to move far, far away from where we were, rather than just out of arm’s reach.

This part of the transition is harder than the anticipation, I think. We’re here. Go. We did. Now what? I know it takes time, but patience is not always my strong suit. We’ve been here just over a month, but I’m ready to be plugged in and pouring in somewhere. I’m ready for relationships and community and feeling like we belong here.


I know it will come. I know it’s not an instant thing. My brain knows that. My heart longs for community, though. Soon. (On that note, off to lunch with Aunt B!)


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