Well, I Suwannee!

Joining Samantha from Airplane Rides and Guac Sides again this Tuesday. Tuesday Ten is such a refreshing feeling; I can get everything off my chest at once. I love it!

1. Sea World. BOGO Fun Cards and free preschool passes. Fun times all summer!

Group Selfie
Sea World

2. I suwannee. What the heck is that? My grandmother said it all my life (and probably all of hers), and I never knew how to spell it or what it really meant. Thanks for clearing it all up, Urban Dictionary.

3. The Happy Mama Magazine published yesterday. You might see some folks you know.

4. I get really annoyed when I’m trying to get Baby Gray settled into his carseat and people pull in or out of the parking spot next to the door I’m hanging half-way out of. Why? Please just give me a second to safely strap my kiddo into his seat.

5. Sometimes God speaks to me over the course of an entire day. It’ll be about one thing in particular, but He’ll use different mediums to make sure I get it. I love when that happens. I love His affirmations.

6.  Yesterday, I took supper to two of our friends. I forgot the paper goods. Don’t forget the paper goods. (What’s your go-to meal to take to friends? Do you take paper goods?)

7.  I’m getting the itch to go back to school. I have to decide what I want to be when I grow up, though. I love learning. I love my job. I’m not sure how to mesh the two.

8. I need a pedicure something fierce. I’m waiting on my next half so I don’t mess up my toes. I don’t want to wait any longer.

9. When the check came at dinner last night, Baby Gray asked to draw on the receipt. We gave him the pen, and he cranked out Olaf in no time flat. I was so impressed. He is clearly his daddy’s child. I do not possess that ability.

Olaf Drawing

10. Tomorrow is hair cut day. This makes me beyond excited.


  1. I've tried to go back twice since I finished my master's. I get accepted then get cold feet about it not being what I want to do exactly. Before I jump into a PhD, I just feel like I have to figure it out a little more first!

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