Won’t You Be My Valentine?

A few weeks ago at Target, Baby Gray picked out supplies to make valentines for his class. I found blank red cards and let him choose the rest (stickers, foam stickers, and pom poms). We worked on them a couple at a time over a period of time so that he didn’t get bored or frustrated with it.

On one hand, I missed the cute, creative part I enjoy. On the other, I didn’t have to worry about where anything went, how it looked, or what he stuck where because he had total creative control. My only job was to hot glue the pom poms.

I love the way they all turned out! He signed his name to each one and then loved picking out stickers and pom poms (we made those into a counting exercise).

Kid-Made Valentines

I leave this morning for a few days, so I don’t get to go to his class party and enjoy a bunch of sticky three year olds. There’s always next time.

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