Run Rant: On Your Feet

I have so many friends who run that tell me their feet hurt, they get blisters, etc. I’m no expert, but my first question is always, “Have you had your gait analyzed?” Usually the answer is no. If you’re a runner, especially if you’re just starting out, it’s worth it to get shoes that fit.

(Second question, just for the record, “What socks are you wearing?”)

Run Rant On Your Feet

Head to your nearest running store (I’m not talking Foot Locker here), and ask them to analyze your gait. They will. Then they’ll pull some shoes that will work for your running style and your feet. You can try on to your heart’s content. Truly, they will help you find a pair that works for you. I’ve done this at several different places, and all of them worked hard to find me a shoe that fit. I have weird feet and knees, so this isn’t always easy.

And, of course, when you find a pair you love, the shoe company will stop that specific model and come out with a new one. They’ll claim it’s the same shoe, but it won’t always fit the same. Go back to the store! 

A few suggestions:
(none of these places know me from Moses, I’ve just had good luck there or have friends who have)
Brazos Running Co. 


  1. I did that for my 1/2 marathon – went to a shoe store. That "analyzed" my gait and I bought an expensive shoe….that gave me horrific blisters. I kept with them and just bandaided my feet, but finally gave up on those shoes. They were terrible and I hated the store for not being able to properly help me. Very disappointing. But, I did finish my run in a very nice pair of Nikes that I got of ebay 🙂
    Which is where I get my shoes still. Should probably try a different running store?

  2. That's terrible! I always ask about return policies and make sure I can return them even if they have been worn outside on a run. Several of the places I deal with have 90 day return policies. That helps ensure I'm not stuck with a shoe that doesn't work for my foot. Good luck!

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