Ice, Ice, Baby!

When Baby Gray was just a wee, tiny ol’ thing, we had a Texas-style snow day. That’s the only snow or ice he’s ever “seen.” He was much to young to remember it, and I don’t know if he’s ever even seen the photos, so I didn’t bring it up when people started talking about snow this week.

I’ve lived in this great state long enough to know that most of the time, it’s much ado about nothing when we’re talking snow. This morning was no different. We’ve got a decent ice covering, and most of central Texas is shut down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be out in it–people here aren’t accustomed to traveling safely in it.

I did have pretty high hopes for Baby Gray’s reaction, and I have to say I was pretty let down. He wasn’t all that interested, and quickly retreated to the house for some fruit (apparently eating ice is not all that filling).

Checking it Out
Getting a Taste

And, of course, he dressed himself. 

Dressed Himself
Sorry about the photo quality there; he wouldn’t stop to let me snap the photo!


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