Digging for Treasure

Last night, we were going through the attic and bringing things down to see what needs to be moved and what can be sold or given away (side note: garage sale coming soon).

We kept getting sidetracked and stopping to reminisce as we brought things down. We had lots of love letters, lots (and lots) of baseball stuff, and several pieces of my grandmother’s art.

Kitchen Box

Oh, how I wish this kitchen had really been in that box. It was full of a bunch of my old toys, though, and some of them were super cool.

It’s really too bad this PC wasn’t in its box. Since it’s Y2K compliant, I’m sure we could still use it.

I was pretty sure we only had a few boxes in the attic, but I was quickly proved wrong. 
So many boxes; so much stuff. It was fun to reflect and see what we thought was important at some point in time. Some of it still is, like my grandmother’s art–it will be gracing our walls soon. I had no idea it was there. Other stuff was just that, stuff. No real memories or thoughts attached. It’ll be sifted through. 
For as much stuff as I tend to get rid of, it was fun to dream and scheme about where some of the discoveries would be going in our new home. Dishes I was wishing I had last week were surprisingly in our attic. I can’t wait to have them out and use them! We didn’t go through things out of my childhood home when we moved it out, we just stored it. Now I’m finding some big treasures (lots of junk, too). I can’t wait to dig!

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