Fab Friday

I’m going to be really honest here. This week has been hard for me. Yes, you read that right, my husband is the one who has a kidney infection, and this week has been hard for me. It has been so incredibly hard to watch my husband be sick and not be able to help him; it has been hard to be cooped up at home; it has been hard to miss Christmas traditions and festivities. Those things are of the flesh (saying them aloud makes me feel really selfish). Despite how hard it has been, I have been extremely grateful–joy is not found in our circumstances! 

I’ve been keeping a running list in my head of all the things that make this life fabulous:

1. The birth of a Savior: I’ve been preaching it here since October, but am I really living it? Am I so caught up in traditions, parties, and celebrations that I’m missing the real reason myself? Maybe I was. I love that I can rest in the fact that no matter how our Christmas looks on the outside (don’t laugh at that piddly garland I tried to hang on our front door), the Christmas story is alive and well. Jesus came to this earth to save us–with or without our traditions.
2. Health & healthcare: Our health (all three of us) is generally very good. It is such a blessing we take for granted. But oh, my good gracious, I have never been so grateful for our healthcare providers as this week. We were able to been seen quickly, in several instances, and get some relief for Mr. Gray. The days we have spent in doctors’ offices this week were absolutely exhausting. I am so grateful this is not our normal lifestyle.
3. Family: I am so grateful for our family and how they step in and fill the gaps for us. A good support system makes all the difference in the world (friends, I didn’t forget you–you count here!). I don’t know how to do life without our people.
4. My husband: Y’all, I have taken out the trash more times this week than in our entire marriage. I am well taken care of. Even when he was feeling terrible, he was worried about me and how I was doing. The heart of this man makes him a keeper, for sure.


5. Baby Gray: Oh, this boy. Even when we’re not feeling 100%, this kid keeps us in stitches! I don’t think five minutes goes without him checking on his daddy as he flies by!

Holiday Parade

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 
–1 Thessalonians 5:18
(emphasis mine)

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