My goodness. This has been the strangest holiday season I can remember.

Matter of fact, this pretty much sums it up.


For a family that is pretty much never sick, this December has taken quite the toll. We are not letting it keep us down, though! (You know, except for the fact that we have pretty much been wingin’ the whole Christmas thing this year.)

Thankfully Teddy Elf has been here to keep us on track! He’s kept the giving and loving going all month! (You can see his previous tricks and treats here.)

Teddy has been helping us bake treats for friends.

photo 1

 He brought a sweet gift for Mrs. Behlen to enjoy.

photo 2

He helped us make goodies to package for the neighbors and friends.

photo 3

He divvied up Baby Gray’s fundraiser items and helped him with the thank you notes.

photo 4

One morning, Baby Gray got a special video message from him!


He even got the treats all cute for the neighbors so all we had to do was deliver them–what a helper!

photo 5

(The only thing we’re missing is the morning Teddy showed up in Baby Gray’s shoes. We weren’t too sure what he was trying to communicate with that, but we are pretty sure it was the night Mama really didn’t feel like herself at all.) We’ll sure be sad to see Teddy Elf go tomorrow.

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