Christmas Eve Gift

Every year on Christmas Eve, my mom’s side of the family tries to beat each other to saying, “Christmas Eve gift!” I’m not sure any of us actually know why. Maybe there was actually a gift or prize in it at some point.


I have to say, though, it was a lot funnier back the days before caller ID when we all answered every, single phone call with “Christmas Eve gift!” in hopes that it’d be someone else in the family calling and we’d beat them to saying it. (For a great visual, please picture me on my see-through cordless–yes, cordless, I looked far and wide for it–landline phone doing this.) The temporary humiliation when, “What?” came from the other end of the phone was worth it on the off-chance it worked to win at least one throughout the day.

We’re a fun bunch.

This year, Teddy Elf got in on the excitement as part of his farewell.


I’ve struggled with how to execute all the fun Christmas Eve stuff when we get home from Christmas with Mr. Gray’s family and Baby Gray is too sleepy to care (you can find last year’s meltdown here). This year, I decided we would do Santa’s cookies, milk, and his Christmas Eve gifts before we headed over to Gray Christmas, but Teddy Elf worked it out for me. I like it. 

Teddy’s farewell letter: 
Christmas Eve Gift! 
I’ve had so much fun with you this Christmas season! 
I hope you will continue to share Christ’s love 
All year, for all reasons! 
Now I’m off, off, and away 
To help Santa with the toys in his sleigh!
See you next year, 

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