Supremely Blessed

I’ve written about it before–those nights with friends that leave you so full, so blessed, so grateful. It makes me thankful for the friends and support, but it also makes me aware of the others areas in which my life is so deeply blessed.

Last night on my drive home, I reveled in my blessings, and one kept coming to the forefront: my mom–Annie around here.


I (we) truly have so much love and support from that woman. She is prayerful, thoughtful, and deliberate in our relationship. She has more ability to change and grow–without losing the essence that makes her–than anyone I have ever met. When I have a sick kid, she brings groceries. When I call on a drive, she makes time to talk. Last night, I remembered all the mornings I commuted when we would talk my whole drive. When summers came around, she always told me how much she missed those talks; I don’t think I realized then how valuable they were. She is always open and ready to listen, never offering advice without my asking, never shoulding on things.


I am so, so blessed to have this woman for my mother. I don’t say it nearly enough.

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