Shouldin’ on Marriage

This weekend we got into a little debate about what wives should do. Granted, it was a single guy, a newly married guy, Mr. Gray, and myself in this little discussion. It all started with the topic of ironing. It’s no secret that I don’t iron. Mr. Gray doesn’t like the way I do it, and he is better at it than I am, so he does our ironing. Newly Married Guy said he does his own as well. Single Guy quickly proclaimed we were all in alternative marriages–his wife would do all the ironing (among other things).

I’m guessing Single Guy’s wife won’t smash cake on his face, either.

When we got to tailgate, we involved a few of the wiser married couples (30-40 years) in the discussion as well. The wives rarely did the ironing there, either. Single Guy held his ground.

Upon arriving at the game, I asked Single Guy if he would rather his wife iron or like football. Both, of course, along with the laundry, the cooking, and the cleaning. About that time, the guy in front of us (judging by his response and the size of their family he’d been at this marriage thing a while, too) just rolled his eyes and looked at the rest of us like Single Guy was crazy. 

Jolie 274A
I wonder if wives should trash their wedding dresses?

Also, it should be noted that Mr. Gray was quiet throughout all these discussions. I guess that makes him 3-0 this week (see here and here for his first two wins).

Oh, by the way, I’m totally a proponent of whatever works for your family. I don’t think there is a should that fits everyone. That’s the only real point I have here. 

So, who does the ironing in your family? 


  1. I do occasionally. If I am feeling really kind and if I have a ton of energy that day! LOL!! mostly its a joint effort. If MY shirt or pants are wrinkly and I want to wear them, then I will iron them. If my husbands are wrinkly then he will iron what ever it is that has wrinkles. We iron as we wear.

  2. I haven't ironed in years, being ex-military I was happy to retire my iron! I think Single Guy is going to have a rude awakening when he gets married though or will stay single! Nice discussion though!

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