Thumpin’ Bumpin’ Runaway Pumpkin

Friday evening we headed to a pumpkin carvin’ party.

Mr. Gray facilitated the caramel apple station–Baby Gray’s first!

Caramel Sprinkles

Baby Gray “helped” us (I’m using us pretty generously here; I took photos and helped Mr. Gray find a pattern) with the carving–you know, right before he got grossed out by the seeds and ran to the playroom.


Mr. Gray is like our own personal Superman. He free-handed his design and then cut it out like a pro! 

Heisman Jackolantern

The kids bobbed for apples–another first for Baby Gray!

Bob for Apples

We took our jack o’lantern home–I was so worried it would break–and planted him right on the front porch.

Home of the 12th Man

I’m pretty sure we are now truly the home of the 12th Man.


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