Favorites to Fall For

South Texas weather doesn’t always allow for an actual fall experience, but you know what they say, “Fake it ’til you make it!” I start applying that to my life this time of year. It might not feel like autumn, but i always seem to believe I can will the cooler weather to come if I’m prepared (it’s the ol’ “If you build it they will come.” phenomenon).

I wanted to share a few essentials I’m using to help this transition:

TOMS Desert Wedges: yes, I have both colors shown. I wore the heck out of the chestnut last year, and I’m excited to have the burgundy this year.

Favorite 2 Circle Favorite 3 Circle

The Splendor Shop’s Jacquelin Necklace: I love this piece from The Splendor Shop! It’s bright enough for summer with dark enough shades to transition into fall. I wear it with everything! (Laura has some better photos on Instagram.)

Favorite 4 Circle

Nivea Mint & Minerals: It wouldn’t be fall without slightly cooler weather and dry lips, right? While Burt’s is still my go-to, this is making its way up the line!

Favorite 1 Circle

What are your must-haves for fall?

No advertisements here, just shouting out some of my favorites.


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