Slidin’ In!

We hosted a baby shower for LC yesterday afternoon. (I have a cameraful of photos; if you’ve been reading long, you know how that pans out for me. Come back later this week.)

I took the sliders that Aunt B introduced me to, which are quickly becoming my go-to. Several people asked about the recipe–here you go!

Tons of these recipes are floating around the ol’ internet, but this is the one I use most frequently. I don’t use the poppy seeds, and I add turkey to mine (either alone or half-and-half; I’m not much of a ham eater).

Some recipes (including this one) call for refrigeration between topping the sandwiches with the butter, and others don’t. I’ve made it both ways, and I don’t taste a difference. I refrigerate if I make them in advance, and I don’t if I’m making them all in one fell swoop.

If you use the mini-subs instead of the regular rolls, you don’t have to slice them in half horizontally, which is helpful. I just cut the mini-subs in half (to match roll size) if I’m serving for a crowd. I leave them whole for the three of us at home.

There you have it, way too much information about super simple sliders.

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