Engage the Heart

Sometimes I get so caught up in the daily task of things that I’m not enjoying the blessings I’ve been given in this life. I’m not truly taking in the fact that I get to spend (pretty much) every day with my son as he grows and learns. I get to spend (almost) every evening with my husband as we wind down together.


I hate that I let the tasks get in front of the relationships sometimes.

It happens in other areas, too, though. I let reading my Bible (because I’m supposed to) get in front of my relationship (walking, talking, living, breathing) with Christ. I let straightening the Coffee Bar get in the way of loving on the volunteers who come to serve each week.

I’m taking a step back from the task mind view and engaging in the relationships I have. Taking in the hearts that are around me. Loving people and letting the rest fall into place.

Trying something new and linking up with the Heart + Home Link Up today. 

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