Challenge: Date Night Dinner

You know those people who claim they never have time to date their spouse? I don’t want to be one of them. So, after much searching, we have found a couple to trade date nights with. Every other Thursday night either we take their kids, or they take ours, and the other couple goes out to paint the town red. We aren’t the first to implement this idea–as a matter of fact, we didn’t even think of it ourselves, we just piggy backed friends who also care about their marriage. It’s been great!

There was one trick, though. I needed to figure out some things CP and BP would eat. I made pizza rolls (Baby Gray loves them) for their first visit, and that was a no go. It could have been that it was their first time here, or they could just not like them, but either way, I was determined not to let it happen again. Mama P mentioned they liked spaghetti one day, so I set some parameters and got to work.

Last week I was on a “need new dinners” kick, so Thursday was no exception. I heard someone talking about ravioli casserole one day and did a quick search. The first few things I found weren’t quite what I had in mind. Then, there it was. Just what I needed for CP and SP to eat and to satisfy my need to explore ravioli casserole.

I used the freezer sauce I keep on hand, added some Feta (you’re not surprised, are you?), and baked it in my French oven since I already had it out to boil the ravioli. Also, I’m sure I used way more cheese than it called for–that’s a given, though.

It was a hit. CP and SP each ate two bowls! I win at dinner!


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