Recipe for Life

Baby Gray spends a lot of time with his teachers on Sundays. Our Rev Kids volunteers are amazing; and I always want them to know how much we appreciate all they do for our boy. He learns so much each week, and he is truly being taught some great foundations for life.

Taking a little spin off the teacher thank yous I did last year, I came up with this year’s idea:

Thank you for giving me the recipe for a life with Christ. 
Baby Gray

Recipe Cards

I grabbed some recipe cards, wrapped them in baker’s twine, and made a thank you note to tuck into the twine.


I found this fabulous site with cute fonts and got to work on the individual notes. I used business card templates for the actual thank yous.

Thank You

Like last year, I wasn’t able to thank each teacher individually, but I am so incredibly grateful for the way they pour into our kiddos every week.


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