Side Pony Sun Tan

This weekend was rainy on and off. Baby Gray played in the rain while he swam Friday as we waited for Mr. Gray to come home and take us to the beach!


Our drive was a little soggy, but we made it!

We had a blast playing, eating crawfish and homemade ice cream, and enjoying friends. I was secretly dreading the night in the hotel because Baby Gray usually has so much trouble sleeping if he’s not in his own room. Much to my surprise, though, he did great! It was a pleasant change.

Saturday morning, we headed to the beach, and Mr. Gray met us after they were done fishing. Baby Gray searched for his old friend Tom the Crab to no avail. We built some sand castles and Baby Gray enjoyed the playground before he had had enough beach.

Bucket Head

We headed back to the hotel to shower and get cleaned up for the ride home. 

Packing and Waiting

As we walked out, it started pouring! Luckily, we had the perfect beach morning, completely unscathed!

Sunday morning, we were off to church; again, there was on-again-off-again rain coming down. I dressed in my rain gear (complete with side pony; hello, 1989) and went to work on our event for after church.

On the way home, my neck was itchy. A quick check in the mirror revealed sunburn. Really? I went dressed for rain and came home sunburned? Only me (and only I would fail to take a photo of the irony).

{insert funny photo of the side pony tan line here}


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