On My Heart

We have had several friends get engaged lately, and it has had me in a reflection mode. We’re fast approaching seven years of marriage–less than two weeks from now–and quite frankly, it seems more like a lifetime ago (in a good way).

Photo by Mary Sledd, Sledd Weddings

I thought I’d share a few quick things I’ve had on my heart lately:

  • It will get better. No matter what you’re going through, and how bad it seems, it will get better (trust me, but see the next one before checking out).
  • It will get worse. No matter what you’re going through, and how good it seems, it will get worse (see what I did there? It’s that can’t-get-to-the-mountain-without-the-valley-phenomenon). 
  • Your spouse carries more power to speak into your life than anyone else in the entire world. Be on the same team; be each other’s biggest fan. 
  • There is no perfect time–for kids, for moving, for any of those big decisions. Step out in faith when it’s most right.
  • Have fun! Whatever it takes, have fun together. If it’s after the kids go to bed in your living room, that’s okay; it doesn’t have to be anything big and fancy. Just have fun together and remember why you like each other in the first place. 

We still have a lot to learn and a lifetime to go. I can’t wait to do it together! 


  1. I agree! My husband's words are so powerful and I love having him to support me. He can also make me laugh almost anytime and it helps me get through even the toughest circumstances.

  2. so good! my hubby's been out of the country for 12 days, and i've realized all the more since he's been gone how much he enriches my life on a daily basis. he makes me such a better person! marriage is such a gift from the Lord! (ps- that last photo of y'all is so cute!)

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