Mushy Gushy Friday

I am grateful each day for this little boy. He is growing up all too fast, but I love seeing his creativity and personality blossom.


I am so proud of the boy he is becoming and the man he will become.


He says things each day that astonish me; I honestly forget he is only two sometimes.


We laugh, play, and have lots of fun, all while learning and exploring this big new world God has given him to roam.


I love that he is so much like his daddy–already holding doors and using his manners without prompting.


His heart is so sweet and pure. I pray he will continue to love that way as he grows. 


I pray he will find a wife that loves the Lord and loves him (she doesn’t have to let him wear her shoes).


I know he will grow up and begin to explore his independence, but I am so grateful for our mom and son relationship. It gives me a bit of an edge, you know? 


Words can’t even express my gratitude that this sweet boy has been entrusted to us.

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