I Had Something to Write About, But I Forgot

I’ve been meaning to confess something goofy I do all the time, but I keep forgetting to write about it. Now that I’m siting here to write, I’ve got nothing even remotely close rattling around in my brain.

Instead, I’ll share a few different ones. Maybe I’ll think of it in the meantime.

1. I hate to get the oil changed in my car. Hate. Like, 1500+ miles overdue hate.
(The only possible exception here is if someone can pick me up so I don’t have to wait on it.)

2. I think it is super rude and inconsiderate when people are late. I have gotten so much worse about this since Baby Gray came on the scene, and it is embarrassing when I am late places. I am trying to do better.

3. I still eat cold or room temperature SpaghettiOs on a regular basis. Yes, I’m serious.

4. I have a mild fear of the dark. I turn on lights from right outside the threshold–just in case!

5. I plan our trips around food and where we can stop along the way (even if it’s just a trip 30 miles up the road to our hometown).

Case in point:

Baby Gray on a large armadillo named Barbadilla because I realized it was only a few minutes out of the way to go to Perini Ranch Steakhouse on our trip to the panhandle.


6. I like the volume on the TV to be set to a multiple of five–even when 20 is too quiet and 25 is too loud.

7. To my knowledge, I have never experienced a runner’s high.


8. I  am unreasonably optimistic about our football team this year. Optimism rarely ends well for an Aggie.

9. It’s making me a little crazy that I still don’t remember what I originally wanted to confess. I’m sure it’s food related. It’s always food related with me.


  1. How about how many times you eat at Chick Fil A in a week? Or a month? Or how you've successfully trained your child to pick Chick Fil A when he gets "his choice" to go eat?

    Or how about when you eat cupcakes or cookies in the kitchen where Baby Gray can't see. Or hiding sweets in the microwave? ( I suspect most parents do that. )

    Just trying to help you remember.

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