The Point of Return

When gone for a long weekend, there are a few tell-tale ways to know we’re home–especially if it’s been a road trip.

1. Gear at the door. I start it in a central location and move it as soon as possible.


2. Snack dishes washing and soaking. Traveling with a toddler requires lots of food!


3. Snacks waiting to be unpacked. Better to have too many than not enough, right?


4. Suitcases being emptied into the washer. We put all our dirty clothes into one bag to head home.


5. Bags by closets, ready to be emptied. Gotta put those clean clothes somewhere, too! 


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  1. lol…that's totally what our house looks like after a trip too! I've started doing our laundry when I visit somewhere with a washer and dryer…and it actually makes unpacking infinitely more difficult. It so much easier to throw it into the washer and forget about it for a while than to hang everything up!

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