Go. Go. Go. Stop. Be.

We’ve been in a season of go, go, go, go, go, go, go lately. I know, I know, when are we not? It seems it’s been especially crazy lately, though. Thank goodness we have slowed down tremendously. It has been so nice to be at home with the boy, do some puzzles, play a game or two, and just be.

Lunch Date

We have had time to walk, run, and play football in the evenings when Mr. Gray gets home. Mr. Gray and I have gotten back to cuddling on the couch with a show on Netflix or Hulu while he winds down before bed. We’ve had time. I read a book. All of it. Just because I had some time.


We usually make time to do things together as a family, but we haven’t been able to do it more than a day here or there in a row in this season. When we get too busy, we get tired, worn down, and easily agitated. It doesn’t make for pleasant time together.

Pull Up
I’m enjoying this little bit of down time. It has been unexpected, but much needed.

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  1. I had some unexpected down time this week too and it was really nice! Although I was sick…but I did rest!

    So glad you enjoyed your down time!

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