Cowboy Cool

Since we went with bunny ears last week, we’ve got quite a compilation of fun outfits this week. Most of them were a result of a cowboy hat or his mutton bustin’ vest, but he’s got some other gems thrown in as well. I know when he’s a teenager he’ll be so pleased I chose to share these stylings with the world (or the few of you who actually read this to see them, either way).

All Dressed Up

Is it bad that I think this is kind of hippie-boy cute? I would let him wear this in public, I’m pretty sure.

Bucket Head

Yes, that’s a feathery hot pink princess crown.


This was the cutest thing, but I couldn’t get him to be still. He has his shoes on the wrong feet, his gymnastics clothes, and his vest. Silly.

Mutton Bustin

Just to ensure we ended on a smile, I saved this one for last.

Nekkid Cowboy

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