What I Didn’t Say

Sometimes it’s more fun think of people in terms of who they’re not. Today is one of those days. Here are a few things you won’t catch me saying.

Gala Shades
I’m not 22 anymore, but that’s totally beside the point.

1. “Why, yes, I’ll take a piece of chocolate cake–especially if it has pecans or walnuts in it.”

2. “Oh, no, I don’t have a particular place for that; just put it anywhere.”

3. “It’s too bad I get to spend so much time with Baby Gray; I sure wish I could go back to teaching.”

4. “I think I’ll go to bed at 9:00 tonight.”

5. “I hope we go to WalMart today!”

6.  “I disagree. Mr. Gray doesn’t look anything like Superman.”

7. “My schedule is wide open; I don’t have to drive anywhere this week.”

8. “Please turn Party in the USA down. That song is annoying!”

9. “I can’t go shopping; I have to get rid of some things before I add anything else to my closet.”

10. “That movie was definitely better than the book. They usually are.”

11. “I have too many shoes to choose from.”

12. “Can someone get me a tall glass of milk?”

13. “Baby Gray’s hair is much too long; he looks like a girl.”

14. “Oh, it’s 5:00 on Friday, I think I’ll run to the store for a few things.”

15. “College Station is so crowded on game days. Football is not worth the crowd.”

Thanks for the fun idea, Christina!


  1. Who wants to go jogging at 4 in the afternoon? I'm just bored and don't have anything going on and I'd like to be hot and sweaty outside. And I don't care that was a run on sentence.

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